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Teletherapy for teens and young adults

Our team of therapists is accepting new clients ages 13 - 24. Schedule a free phone consultation.

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Our Approach

From your initial consultation through counseling, UpLift bases its service on current research and established best practices for youth mental health. Watch Dr. Amy Mezulis, UpLift Co-founder and Chief Psychologist, discuss the science behind UpLift and how we use that science to personalize care for each individual and family.

UpLift is evidence-based & skills-focused

UpLift therapists specialize in supporting and empowering youth and young adults. Our clinicians use an evidence-based, skills-focused approach to treat anxiety, depression, stress and related symptoms. UpLift creates a personalized treatment roadmap for each client that integrates live one-on-one teletherapy sessions with app-based skills practice.

Therapy Sessions
Convenient, scheduled, one-on-one therapy with qualified professionals.

Skill Building
Interactive tools to support skill building and individual well-being.

Support for Parents/Guardians
Therapist check-ins, articles and online resources.

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